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about club fitness 

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

 club fitness is born / 2002

its july 2002, Club Fitness LTD is incorporated and purchases the assets of Bodytalkz fitness centre. The first year of our journey was spent learning about the fitness industry and attempting to implement and manage new systems so we could provide a service that helped new and existing members achieve their goals. We made mistakes but learnt fast. Slowly we grew over the next few years, member numbers increased meaning new equipment was necessary. Finally we were in a position to start upgrading the facility.

club fitness evolves / 2005

We were able to employ more staff to service our growing membership base, constant growth enabled us to commit to a upgrade plan for the equipment and centre, this plan was initially 12 months. We managed to find some great equipment suppliers who helped allot with making good choices. The cardio equipment was first, then machine weights and finally the gym itself. More floorspace was available and Club Fitness could expand. More services were offered and effective systems were put in place to manage and maintain our membership base. 

club fitness changes / 2015  

Its 2015 Club Fitness has a massive wide of modern exercise equipment split over two levels with multiple floors. We were lucky to have such a loyal membership following, without this important factor Club Fitness simply wouldn't be what it is "Wanganui's No. 1 Fitness Centre" We are very grateful to all members current and past for helping us make our dreams come true.

club fitness evolves / 2017

Fast forward to 2017 and Club Fitness has a great range of exercise equipment, multiple levels and exercise area's. We have a growing client base and are still adding value by implementing new systems for our members. Online appointment booking and PThub have been the most recent additions. 

club fitness / 2018

The Club started 2018 with a massive change to our operations. It's 247 baby. The gym can be accessed by 247 members anytime, current members are loving the flexibility of being able to train in a safe, modern gym on their own time. It took a good four months to implement and make the required changes. 

club fitness / 2020